What are the top ten natural and integrative health and wellness techniques? Sometimes known as ‘holistic,’ these specialties can also work in combination with Western allopathic techniques for recovering from injuries and healing illness. Other times, they are used on their own as a means of preventing illness in the first place. Personally, I’m a big fan of not getting sick at all. I just don’t have time. When I look at high-level business icons and celebrities, I notice they don’t seem to get sick either. When you are the one responsible for it all, there’s no temp service to call for a sick day. For these people, the flu is just a waste of time. Plus. when you like what you are doing, you don’t want a sick day. If you work long hours, you want to be healthy for your weekends and vacations. How do we stay healthy, even when dealing with the overwhelming speed of today’s world? Daymond John, of FUBU and Shark Tank, uses acupuncture and herbs. Ellen DeGeneres is known for keeping a vegan diet. Kenneth Branagh meditates. What are the best holistic wellness practices that can help you stay at the top of your game? 1. Healthy eating with or without the support of a nutrition counselor. Some people work with someone who can keep them on the straight and narrow when it comes to what they eat. Of course, you may already know what you should be eating: fruit, veggies, protein, organic and natural. If that’s the case, take some advice from Nike and “Just do it!” 2. Physical fitness including exercise and yoga. That’s why you are here at FHMatch! If you’re not getting the exercise you know is good for you, consider hiring a coach to keep you on target. For a more budget-friendly option, find a friend who also has a fitness goal and see if you can share the cost of a physical trainer open to a 2-for-1 option. Yoga is especially well-known for creating a beneficial mind-body connection. 3. Massage Therapy. Stress is well-documented as one of the four major factors leading up to heart disease and stroke. A good massage can take care of your tension today as well as your health tomorrow. An added benefit, especially for aging adults, is improved blood circulation. 4. Chiropractic. Chiropractors have years of training and a strong understanding of skeletal structure which can contribute to a successful personal well-being program in a world where it is easy to get out of balance quickly. 5. Acupuncture. Known for its effectiveness in a variety of wellness areas, and well-respected in Asia, Western research has begun to research this age-old healing method and data supports its’ history. The California State Acupuncture Committee confirms that licensed acupuncturists have had success with a variety of ailments from allergy elimination to tinnitus. 6. Colon hydrotherapy. Many people consider a ‘colonic’ a good way to detoxify the body and prepare for a new health regimen. 7. Hypnotherapy. If someone you know has a health goal is, and how to reach it, yet hasn’t taken the steps to get on track, a hypnotherapist can help shift the subconscious mind into gear. Known for success in weight loss and smoking cessation programs, hypnotherapy is also recognized as a powerful technique for reaching a variety of personal and professional goals. 8. Meditation. For those who can’t figure out how to be still and focus, consider Visualization, Guided Imagery or Float Therapy as ways to disconnect from the chaos around you and connect with your inner core. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also a way to enhance the meditation experience. 9. Salt Therapy. Also known as halotherapy, dry salt studios help with breathing- and skin-related conditions from allergies and asthma to psoriasis. 10 . Other, more esoteric, techniques that you may have heard of, including Sound Therapy and Reiki, have less statistical evidence of results. Still, for those who accept anecdotal data, it’s difficult to ignore the positive benefits of these practices. With all of the options available for staying healthy these days, there’s no need for the health care to become a personal crisis. If it has, it may be time to open up to the alternatives. The Holistic Chamber of Commerce represents high quality holistic and eco-friendly professionals and practitioners so that we can all live healthier lives on a healthier planet. Learn more and find help at www.holisticchamberofcommerce.com. By Camille Leon, Founder of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, an international network of reference-reviewed holistic providers. Camille is available for speaking and consulting. Call 310-490-6862 for availability.