Ever wonder why two people eating the same diet react completely different? This is because we are not what we eat. We are really what we digest. This is why trending diets do not work. How we react to the food we eat truly depends on how and if we are digesting properly. Digestion is the process used to convert protein into amino acids, carbohydrates into glucose, and fats into fatty acids. Cells are microscopic, so they cannot absorb big structures-they can only absorb the elements found within these converted structures. It is not until protein, carbohydrates, and fatty acids are broken down that vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are released into the blood cells. All the food that we eat must go through the process of digestion- to get broken down for proper utilization. In a healthy body, digestion takes place with ease. This is not what we see happening in most people today. Why? When we eat foods that we were not designed to eat (processed, refined and too much cooked food), digestion becomes very difficult. Our cells do not recognize these foods. We need to produce a good amount of enzymes to aid with digestion. Our production of enzymes begins to decline at the age of 21 and when we do not eat enough raw fruits and vegetables, we do not get enough enzymes from the outside to make up for this loss. Raw fruits and vegetables are powerful. They provide us with these enzymes and vitamins and minerals that we require synergistically so that our bodies can perform well. Taking vitamins and minerals in supplement form (isolated) does not work for our cells. They do not recognize products made in a lab. We might feel some stimulation from these products, but we will never benefit from cell regeneration. When we fail at digestion, we fail at absorption. Imagine that you eat and eat, yet your cells are starving to death. Signs of failed digestion include acid reflux, gas, burping, burning sensations in the stomach, bloating and cramping after meals. Even feeling tired after eating can be a sign of compromised digestion. Listen to your body! Pay attention to these small signs before they develop into what is called disease. Frances Michaelson loves to share her passion for living well with her clients through her naturopathy practice and fitness coaching. Please see her web site for more livethewow.ca