Weight Loss Supplements: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly So you’re in the market for a fat loss supplement. Diet – check. Workout – check. All that’s left is to find a product or two to help you on your way. The truth is, there are some fat loss supplements on the market that can help you go that extra mile. Will they create a miracle? Definitely not. But they can make sticking with your workout or diet just a little easier. Likewise, there are also supplements that will waste your hard earned money, and worse than that, potentially cause you serious physical harm. Knowing the difference between the two is critical to your success. Here are a few fat loss supplements to know about. The Good The first supplement that you’ll want to consider is caffeine . Now, caffeine is a stimulant, so you will be exposed to the same risks that you would if you were to have a cup of coffee (increased heart rate, feelings of anxiety, trouble sleeping, etc). This said, at moderate dosages, most people tolerate it fine. And, it can help boost your energy, it can help combat hunger, and it does help with fat oxidation rates. Overall, it’s a beneficial supplement to be considering. The Bad On the bad side of things, you’ll want to be careful about taking bitter orange . This is an ingredient that has often been used to replace ephedrine (see below), and while it is herbal and ‘natural’, it can come with some unwanted side effects. Some people will notice they get anxiety and a greatly increased heart rate while on this ingredient and may also find it starts to wear them down. Using bitter orange for too long (and at higher dosages) can increase your risk for CNS burnout and could also increase your risk of overtraining as well. It can help with fat burning, but usually for most people, the process of using it isn’t so pleasant. Steer clear if you want something you can use for the long-term. The Ugly The main supplement on the ugly list is ephedrine , also sometimes called ephedra for short. This supplement used to be in a number of diet drugs on the market, until many people started suffering serious side effects and symptoms such as racing heart rates, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, and a few people even had fatal incidents from the ingredient. After that, many companies stopped utilizing it, so now it is harder to find. While it does stimulate your central nervous system and can help you lose weight, it’s not a good ingredient to be putting into your body. For this reason, pass on it entirely. The risk is not worth the benefit. So there you have a closer look at the best and worst fat loss supplements to be considering. If you want to take your results up a notch, there’s nothing wrong with considering a few smart supplements, but do be sure that you do your research first. About the Author: FHMatch, all-in-one `Business in a Box! If you're a professional this is for you, it’s always FREE to showcase your profile on FHMatch ! Empowering professionals to engage, manage and grow their client base - everything you need to get started in 3 min or less. |Merchant Payments| Unlimited - No Fee Booking, Invoicing & Messaging| Showcase Photos & Videos, Subsidized Insurance| Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest , LinkedIn