Why a dental spa could cure your fear of the dentist It’s really no wonder so many people have a fear of going to the dentist . Laying in a clinical room that quite frankly has the smell of an over-sanitised operating theatre, under bright lights, with a masked face staring down at you, doesn’t exactly instil one with confidence. And that’s before injections, drilling and all manner of uncomfortable treatments. It’s hardly a pleasurable experience, and it’s really a wonder that we ever go back! If you’re one of many suffering from a knee-knocking fear of the dentist, you may want to take a peek into the world of dental spas. Popping up all over the place, dental spas are providing a truly palatable alternative to mainstream dentistry, and are a welcome retreat for those with a genuine fear of going to the dentist. What is a dental spa? A dental spa is essentially a dental practice offering additional spa-like treatments not normally associated with conventional dentistry. Dental spas are set up with the relaxing and welcoming feel you would normally get if you were visiting a spa. It’s a step away from the clinical nature of a regular dental practice. As well as providing a more relaxing environment, dental spas offer many pampering amenities and services normally associated with day spas. What’s the difference between a dental spa and a regular dental practice? The main differences between a dental spa and a regular dental practice are the additional spa-style treatments available and the general décor and atmosphere. A dental spa has a much more luxurious and less clinical feel than a regular dental practice. What treatments are on offer at dental spas? As well as traditional dentistry and dental hygiene, dental spas offer a range of additional treatments and extras which may include: • Paraffin wax hand treatments (often free) • Massage (sometimes free) • Massage chairs • Neck pillows, fleece blankets, heated hand mitts etc. • Complimentary beverages and snacks • Music headphones • Entertainment (films/videos, virtual reality glasses, overhead flat screen TVs, chairs with remote controls) • Reflexology • Aromatherapy • Cosmetic dentistry • Facial rejuvenation (including lip fillers, dermal fillers and Botox) • Pre-treatment meditation What else can I expect at a dental spa? As well as additional free treatments, and spa-like services, dental spas may offer massage chairs in the reception area, refreshments, calming décor, scented candles, blankets, pillows, relaxing music and a whole manner of extras to help clients relax and feel like they are at a real spa. Most dental spas are hot on customer service and staff will go out of their way to put you at ease. How will a dental spa help with anxiety? Anyone with a fear of going to the dentist will know that the anxiety shoots up the moment you step into the dentist’s reception area. One of the advantages of dental spas is the calming environment they provide, as well as exceptionally good customer care. You’ll be welcomed and made to feel at ease from the moment you arrive. Dental spas are used to dealing with anxious patients (it’s why many with a fear of the dentist opt to use dental spas instead of regular dental practices). Staff at dental spas will try and put you at ease the moment you walk through the door. In a completely different atmosphere it’s surprising how many with a genuine fear of the dentist say they find it easier to feel more relaxed. Feeling relaxed is the key to overcoming your fear. One of the triggers for a phobia of the dentist is the smell. Dental spas are well aware of this fact and use aromatherapy oils and candles to create an aroma supporting a welcoming and calming environment. Scents such as orange and lavender reduce stress and anxiety. Sound machines exuding calming sounds of the ocean or relaxing music replace the dreaded sound of drills and cleaning tools. Who might benefit from using a dental spa? Anyone who • has a phobia of the dentist • has had a traumatic dental experience • has lost trust in the dentist • has difficulty relaxing • has complex dental problems • hates needles • hates the noises, smells and tastes associated with dental care Dental spas are a refreshing alternative to mainstream dentistry, especially for those with a genuine fear of the dentist. Offering a much more relaxing environment, and additional relaxing spa-like treatments, dental spas are turning old-fashioned dentistry into something we can look forward to. About the author: Dakota enjoys sharing her experiences of living a healthy lifestyle through her blog posts. Working as a freelance writer for a multitude of different industries, when she's not writing or cooking up a storm in her kitchen she enjoys hiking and countryside walks with her family.