Why Team Building Is the Most Important Investment You Will Make You would be surprised by the number of employers who fail to grasp the essence of team building, as they write off their investment as “expenditure” in the fiscal report. You can never lose money by investing it in human resources because one way or the other you get your investment back through increased company profits. In fact, team building ranks as the top investment you can make, neck to expanding your operations into a new country or launching a completely new product. If you still fail to see why team building is this important, here are a couple of the most apparent reasons. Building the team spirit Whatever business you might run, it is the people, i.e. your employees that make you the profit. They might be a single bolt in an elaborate mechanism but without it, the whole production process would collapse. That is why it is important that your employees’ function as a team and that they share a team spirit. Your staff will have from different social backgrounds but it’s your job (don’t rely on Providence on this one) to unite them during the 8 or so hours they spend at work. Much like a sports franchise, your employees are players that need to have that locker-room vibe that enables them to give their personal whilst being team players. In this sense, team building serves the same function practice sessions have for professional athletes. The only difference is that you’re in the money-making game. Keeping the motivation levels high Much of today’s world of business relies on creativity. Workers have long ago ceased to be manual labor that toils away all day against its will. The modern worker is urged to express his or her creative side, so it is essential that they are well-motivated. From a Fortune 500 CEO down to a bakery clerk in a small town, motivation is the key to success. Now, let us not be mistaken, money is the prime motivator for many people, but the green bills can only get you thus far. After an employee reaches the desired pay grade, they want to get something extra from their employer and this is where team building comes into play. By organizing frequent shared meals, adventure trips, and office parties, people who work for you know that they are appreciated so they want to repay you by giving their 100% each day of the week. Easing conflicts Like we have stated earlier, people simply have different personalities and there is little that you can do about it. From time to time, two egos will collide in such a manner that you will be left with an office conflict to deal with. These can escalate into a full-out confrontation over the most trivial of details, like who wanted to use the fax machine first. The HR department should be capable to handle these conflicts well enough on their own but the biggest tool they’ve got in their arsenal is team building. Take the belligerent parties on a wilderness trip out in the middle of nowhere and just wait for them to start cooperating once again. Of course, in some rare instances when even extreme team building fails, you’ll be forced to take legal measures. Seeking out good workplace harassment lawyers might not be a popular measure but it is sometimes the only way to settle a dispute. Increasing collaboration and communication We’ve mentioned how team building can increase creativity and productivity. It does so by improving office communication and collaboration that are essential when it comes to meeting business goals. People from different departments who haven’t had the opportunity to communicate before start chatting during a team-building activity, discovering that they have a lot in common. They might marry each other, become friends or start thinking of joint enterprises. The latter is precisely what the main notion begin team building is; improved communication that leads to new and inventive ways of collaboration. Company management usually organized large-scale team building events when they need to brainstorm for a brand-new product. Trust is the key to success Team building actually helps resolve conflicts by developing a sense of trust among employees. Trust lies at the very heart of the growth of any business because, without it, no company could expand its operations. When workers learn to trust each other, they communicate better on a daily basis and more importantly, they learn to rely on each other. By creating a network of employees who work closely together, you are generating the web for success your company can build on. Team building plays a major role in trust building as it faces workers with different scenarios where they have to communicate with each other or work together to solve a problem. The end result is that people become more motivated, less stressed out , productive, and outgoing. These are all traits that will show on the next balance sheet; trust us when we say so. We hope that by now you realize the true essence of team building. If you do, then you are finally aware of its importance for nearly all aspects of running a successful franchise. The next time the HR suggest a specific team-building event you’ll be ready to splash as much money as they require, because you are making an investment. About the Author Alexander Hunkin is an Australian based startup advisor with in-depth experience in growing business. His meaningful and strategic advices have helped in setting and growing many startup companies in Brisbane and Perth. Alexander is also a content creator for different niches. The top ones are business, career, finance and marketing. He aspires to share his experiences and is always on the lookout for the next opportunity to enhance his skills. When he isn’t busy working, you can find him cooking exotic meals, scuba diving and cycling.