At first glance, there might not seem to be much to dry brushing, but it’s actually one of the easiest and most effective self-care practices that you can add to your routine. What Is Dry Brushing? Dry brushing is a very simple practice that requires just a little bit of time and, well, a brush. It consists of brushing your skin in upward motions toward your heart (starting at your feet or ankles), using firm but not overwhelming pressure. Avoid the facial area, and as well as any open wounds or scratches. Dry brushing definitely shouldn’t hurt, although it may feel a little strange at first and your skin will probably be pink afterward. The brush should be stiff and have natural bristles. And don’t forget to wash your brush every couple of weeks with gentle soap! With all of the exfoliation you’ll be doing it, it will require regular cleaning. Be sure to let it air dry completely before using again. This practice is typically done in the morning for 5 to 15 minutes, preferably before a shower. The Benefits Of Dry Brushing So why should you start dry brushing? One of the most obvious benefits that you’ll probably notice first is that your skin feels softer. Dry brushing acts as a gentle exfoliation that cleans out clogged pores, and over time, can dramatically improve the appearance of skin over your whole body. Have stubborn cellulite that just won’t quit? Dry brushing can help with that. Half the reason those fancy anti-cellulite lotions work is because of the way they are massaged into the skin, and dry brushing works in a similar (yet cheaper!) way. By promoting blood flow and circulation, brushing your skin can actually temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Dry brushing also helps the body detoxify itself from the outside in, by supporting the lymphatic system. This is body system that’s responsible for fighting infection (lymph is the fluid that carries white blood cells) and removing toxins from the body. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and prevents buildup of waste that can make you sick. It can actually go even deeper than this, too, and help promote good digestion and a healthy gut (when paired with a nutritious diet, of course). Finally, dry brushing can serve as an awesome way to relieve stress. While it might be weird at first, you’ll find that over time, dry brushing is a relaxing practice that can mentally prepare you for the day ahead. Consider adding dry brushing to your morning ritual!