The One Fitness Myth You're Believing

If you’ve ever flipped through a women’s magazine, or spent any time on Pinterest fitness boards, then you’ve probably come across articles like these

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6 Tips for Older Men That Will Completely Improve Their Life

July 19, 2017 by Helen Bradford

It’s never too late to start leading a healthier and better life – fighting age can’t only be a matter of genetics, it’s an art form which you can use

We Are Not What We Eat, We Are What We Digest

July 17, 2017 by Frances Michaelson

Ever wonder why two people eating the same diet react completely different? This is because we are not what we eat. We are really what we digest. This

5 Step Social Media Marketing Plan For Your Health & Fitness Business

July 13, 2017 by Sara Fennell

There’s no arguing the power of social media when it comes to marketing your business or services. The online world has exploded over the last 5 years

Get More Out of Your Workout

July 10, 2017 by Joe Meier

Traditional cardio and resistance training can get monotonous and time-consuming – both things most people just don’t have time for. Get the most out

5 Best Fat Burners for People Sensitive to Stimulants

July 6, 2017 by Alex Eriksson

Losing weight and achieving the ideal body is never easy. Even if you’re already with a fitness trainer and are on the road to fitness, you’re probabl

Thalassotherapy - What You Need To Know

July 5, 2017 by Mike James

If you haven’t tried thalassotherapy, you must. Thalassotherapy is an ancient form of healing utilising the beneficial aspects of the sea and the mari

Why You Should Work Out On A Friday Night

June 28, 2017 by FHMatch

TGIF! Friday has arrived, and you couldn’t be more thrilled to greet the weekend. When 5:00 rolls around, you might be tempted to grab your friends an

6 Reasons Why You Should Eat Organic Food

June 26, 2017 by Dakota Murphey

Sales of organic food in the UK hit almost £2 billion in 2015 and demand just keeps on rising. Tesco has recorded a 15% increase in organic sales last

How to Fit In Resistance Training Into a Busy Schedule

June 21, 2017 by Joe Meier

We’re all busy, that’s no surprise. One thing that also shouldn’t come as a surprise is how beneficial resistance training is when it’s done on a regu