The One Fitness Myth You're Believing

If you’ve ever flipped through a women’s magazine, or spent any time on Pinterest fitness boards, then you’ve probably come across articles like these

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Run Faster and Exercise Longer with a Cup of Coffee a Day

June 20, 2017 by Sally Phillips

Every morning, do you reach for that cup of coffee, or two, to prepare yourself for the day? The caffeine from your coffee is absorbed into your blood

Acupuncture For Weight Loss

June 14, 2017 by FHMatch

Are you someone who struggles to maintain a healthy weight? If so, it’s likely a battle you’ve been fighting your whole life. Contrary to popular beli

Beyond Cauliflower: Your Guide To Low Carb Rice

June 12, 2017 by FHMatch

Low carbohydrate diets of all kinds are experiencing a resurgence now, and for good reason. From Atkins to paleo to the ketogenic diet, more and more

The Best Antioxidant Foods

June 7, 2017 by FHMatch

Antioxidant is a popular buzzword that is often associated with good health and preventing disease. But what are antioxidants, exactly? And why are th

The Best And Worst Foods To Eat While Menstruating

June 5, 2017 by FHMatch

Every woman alive knows the annoyance of getting her period. The basic symptoms are usually the same: abdominal cramping, bloating, fatigue, and irrit

Tips on How to Effectively Work with Challenging PT Clients

May 31, 2017 by FHMatch

As a personal trainer, learning what motivates your clients and what keeps them focused are invaluable skills. But with so many different personalitie

How To Go Vegan

May 29, 2017 by FHMatch

If you’ve ever considered adopting a vegan diet, there is no better time than right now. Gone are the days of weird meat substitutes and lack of choic

Natural Ways To Treat Seasonal Allergies

May 24, 2017 by FHMatch

While the return of warm weather is a breath of fresh air for most people, for others, the arrival of spring means something else entirely: seasonal a

Pavement Vs Treadmill: Which Is Better?

May 23, 2017 by FHMatch

From weather conditions to personal preference, there are a variety of factors that determine whether you choose to exercise outside or in. When it co