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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Basics

If you would like to cancel your membership and avoid a monthly charge for auto-renewal – you must cancel 5 days prior to the renewal of your membership. Once you cancel, your membership will revert back to a Lite account.

For information on what happens to your account once you downgrade - see FAQ on Premium to Lite account.

We do not refund memberships. If you would like to end your Premium membership, you must cancel 5 days prior to your auto-renewal to avoid charges. Cancelling your membership does not refund your payment.

Try searching for it by its abbreviation or using the number instead of spelling it out. If you cannot find your specialty, please contact us.

In short, no.

At FHMatch we don’t believe it’s our place to validate accreditations from the multitudes of schools and certificate programs in an ever changing marketplace. We don’t feel it is fair for us to decide which credentials are more valid than others or put professionals on an equal playing field when their credentials may not be equal. Our role is to give consumers access to as much information as possible and the ability to provide reviews based on their experiences. Ultimately, it should be the consumers that decide what they value.

A Lite membership is free for professionals to sign up and use without all the functionality of the premium membership. You can view the differences between a Lite and Premium membership here.

When the trial period is over, you have the option to pay and continue using your premium account. If you decide not to pay, your account will convert back to a lite membership. All your information will still be there, just without the functionality of a premium membership.

Reviews written about a professional's services are only visible to the professional. Consumers cannot see any reviews written about the professional, only the average star rating is visible to consumers and other professionals.

When your account reverts to a Lite account from Premium, you lose the ability to create new bookings, but any previous bookings will still be visible in your calendar.

When your account reverts to a Lite account from a Premium, only your profile photo will be visible, all other pictures and videos will be removed. If you upgrade your account to premium or business the pictures and videos will show again.

When someone uses the professional search bar, you will come up in results based on the specialties you can be booked for in your calendar.
If you want to appear when someone else searches in the top search bar, make sure to include certifications and other important information in your about section of your profile.

To use a coupon code you must first sign up for the 30-day free trial of the membership tier you wish to use the coupon for. Once you have signed up you need to go back to the Professional Plans Page and click subscribe again. Now you can enter the coupon code.

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