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Lindsay Atkinson

Fitness Coaching  

I’m a personal trainer and nutrition coach who will increase your energy levels and get you results through my effective, in-home training offerings.

0 Toronto, ON | 8.11 miles | 13.04 km

Sara Fennell

Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Personal Training   Lifestyle Coaching   Fitness Coaching  

Self love advocate, digestion guru, hormone balancing. Meet my tribe #holisticfreedom Holistic Nutritionist + IFBB Pro + Lover of Life

4 Mississauga, ON | 18.81 miles | 30.24 km

Karsten Jensen

CPTN   Personal Training   Fitness Coaching  

YTS is on a mission to increase the collective awareness of our true potential for strength, power, speed and endurance.

1 Mississauga, ON | 25.88 miles | 41.61 km

Twist Burlington

Personal Training   Class   Athletic Coaching   Fitness Coaching  

Youth - Adults - Elite Athletes | Functional Fitness Facility

3 Burlington, ON | 35.38 miles | 56.87 km

Sam Mersereau

Personal Training   Class   Athletic Coaching   Fitness Coaching  

Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach | Sales, Service & Marketing Manager | Twist Sport Conditioning, Burlington

2 Hamilton, ON | 48.02 miles | 77.20 km

Movati Athletic Guelph

Personal Training   Fitness Coaching   Massage Therapy   Class > Yoga   Class > Aerobics  

Feel Welcome, Feel Healthy, Feel Comfortable.

1 Guelph, ON | 58.83 miles | 94.57 km

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