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Toronto Neck And Back Pain Clinic

Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Running   Health Spa Appointment   Wellness Practitioner Appointment  

Relief for neck pain, back pain, and headaches without drugs or surgery so you can have a better, pain free day.

2 Toronto, ON | 1.31 miles | 2.11 km

Lift Corktown

Health Spa Appointment   Coaching  

Results Based Training

1 Toronto, ON | 1.81 miles | 2.91 km

Hermeet Singh Suri

Acupuncture   Doctor Appointment > Homeopath   Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Health Spa Appointment  

Excellent health begin with the right lifestyle choices especially in the areas of nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and environment.

2 Mississauga, ON | 23.66 miles | 38.04 km

Amrita Singh

Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Physiotherapy Appointment > Acupuncture   Neuromuscular Integration   Health Spa Appointment   Physiotherapy Appointment > Soft Tissue/Trigger Point  

Our main goal is to reduce pain and restore function, through assessment, treatment and prevention of these spinal alignments without drugs or surgery

2 Burlington, ON | 37.00 miles | 59.48 km

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