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Melissa Tucker

Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Personal Training   Health Coaching   Lifestyle Consultation   Performance Nutrition Appointment  

Holistic Body Builder (CPT, NLPP, RHN, CBP) Once you truly believe Failure Is Not An Option, Anything Is Possible!

3 Toronto, ON | 0.54 miles | 0.88 km

Mirna Sharafeddine

Nutrition Professional   Online Coaching   Health Coaching   Wellness Coaching   Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

Break free from dieting, love your body and feel the glow within.

6 Toronto, ON | 0.73 miles | 1.18 km

Cecilia Tagliavia

Holistic Nutrition Meeting  


1 Toronto, ON | 1.67 miles | 2.69 km

Nathalie Niddam

Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

Holistic Nutritionist & Bulletproof Coach specializing in Personalized Diets & Optimizing Personal Performance.

2 Toronto, ON | 2.74 miles | 4.40 km

Holistic Chamber Of Commerce Toronto Midtown

Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Massage Therapy   Doctor Appointment > Homeopath   Energy Work   Reiki Appointment  

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is an international network of holistic and holistic-minded professionals, practitioners and businesses.

2 Toronto, ON | 2.82 miles | 4.53 km

For Your Better Health - Health Coach & Mind-...

Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Iridology   Health Supplements   Wellness Coaching   Holistic Chamber Of Commerce  

Holistic Nutritionist, Iridologist and Omega-3 Educator & Sales I understand the benefits of proper nourishment and healthy fats.

2 Toronto, ON | 2.82 miles | 4.53 km

Kerri Flood

Doctor Appointment > Homeopath   Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

I help my patients regain their health naturally.

1 Toronto, ON | 4.28 miles | 6.88 km

Tatiana Baskin

Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified GAPS Practitioner.

1 Toronto, ON | 8.67 miles | 13.95 km

Canadian Association Of Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

CAHN-Pro is a professional association for the accreditation of holistic nutritionists an exciting campaign to advance the field of holistic nutrition

2 Toronto, ON | 9.04 miles | 14.53 km

Emily Sawyer

Mental Health Counseling   Lifestyle Coaching   Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in mental health

4 Toronto, ON | 10.30 miles | 16.56 km

PEMF Inside & Out

Therapy > Cognitive/Behavioral   Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Reflexology   Class > Fitness  

Getting healthy from the inside out with the only Health Canada approved Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Medical device.

2 Markham, ON | 15.51 miles | 24.93 km

Full Function Rehabilitation & Wellness

Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Physiotherapy Appointment   Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Doctor Appointment > Naturopath  

Full Function Rehab & Wellness is a multidisciplinary clinic in Vaughan specializing in Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Sports Rehab

2 Vaughan, ON | 16.02 miles | 25.76 km

Rebecca Wolanski

Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

Certified Holistic Nutritionist providing customized diets to promote optimal wellness and vital living!

1 Richmond Hill, ON | 16.72 miles | 26.88 km

Peggy Perin

Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Health Retreat/ Travel   Thai Yoga Massage   Reiki Appointment  

Peggy Perin, RHN, Reiki Master, public speaker and Women empowerment connector for nutrition, body, mind and spirit modalities.

2 Toronto, ON | 18.03 miles | 28.99 km

Sara Fennell

Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Personal Training   Lifestyle Coaching   Fitness Coaching  

Self love advocate, digestion guru, hormone balancing. Meet my tribe #holisticfreedom Holistic Nutritionist + IFBB Pro + Lover of Life

4 Mississauga, ON | 18.81 miles | 30.24 km

Sabrina Wintermeyer

Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who enjoys assisting people with their health and improving their lifestyle habits.

2 Richmond Hill, ON | 20.35 miles | 32.72 km

Jackie Zimmer

Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

2 Mississauga, ON | 21.76 miles | 34.98 km

Hermeet Singh Suri

Acupuncture   Doctor Appointment > Homeopath   Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Health Spa Appointment  

Excellent health begin with the right lifestyle choices especially in the areas of nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and environment.

2 Mississauga, ON | 23.66 miles | 38.04 km

Amira Ayad

Author   Therapy > Person-Centered   Wellness Coaching   Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

Dr. Amira Ayad is the founder of Women Whispers Academy where women learn to listen to their Body Whispers® before they turn into screams.

2 Oakville, ON | 28.91 miles | 46.48 km

Diana Yampolsky

Wellness Coaching   Coaching   Class   Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Performance Nutrition Appointment  

The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice repair: Transforming voices since 1084! We help those who are suffering from voice disorders.

1 East Gwillimbury, ON | 32.09 miles | 51.58 km

Judy Schneider

Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

I am an RN and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist helping clients reach their health goals.

1 Oshawa, ON | 38.21 miles | 61.42 km

Lindsay Payne

Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Personal Training  

Helping you find the meal and fitness plan to fit your lifestyle

1 Oshawa, ON | 39.45 miles | 63.42 km

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