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Elaine Dembe

Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Physiotherapy Appointment   Lifestyle Coaching   Rehabilitation Therapy  

Dr. Elaine Dembe is a Chiropractor, a Longevity Specialist, and a Life Coach in private practice for 38 years in Toronto.

2 Toronto, ON | 2.67 miles | 4.30 km

Emily Sawyer

Mental Health Counseling   Lifestyle Coaching   Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in mental health

4 Toronto, ON | 10.30 miles | 16.56 km

Wendy Bottrell

Coaching   Online Coaching   Lifestyle Coaching   Nutrition Professional  

Holistic Lifestyle Coach working with people, who are truly inspired to live holistically, get into shape, be health just don’t know where to begin!

1 Mississauga, ON | 15.60 miles | 25.09 km

Sara Fennell

Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Personal Training   Lifestyle Coaching   Fitness Coaching  

Self love advocate, digestion guru, hormone balancing. Meet my tribe #holisticfreedom Holistic Nutritionist + IFBB Pro + Lover of Life

4 Mississauga, ON | 18.81 miles | 30.24 km

Caity Coates

Lifestyle Coaching  

I am a bikini competitor, lifestyle coach and entrepreneur.

2 Georgina, ON | 41.63 miles | 66.92 km

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