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Fitness Health Match is a community-based platform for all your fitness and health care needs. Create a profile on FHMatchs to access tons of Nutrition Professional professionals in Canada, Canada. By joining your wellness community, you will be able to chat with and book exceptional Nutrition Professional experts in Canada, Canada. Join leaders of the fitness and health community in your area, access informative articles, improve overall health and well-being - join your network of fit and healthy individuals today!

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Mirna Sharafeddine

Nutrition Professional   Online Coaching   Health Coaching   Wellness Coaching   Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

Break free from dieting, love your body and feel the glow within.

6 Toronto, ON | 0.73 miles | 1.18 km

Physiomed Toronto

Nutrition Professional   Physiotherapy Appointment   Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Doctor Appointment > Chiropodist   Massage Therapy  

Improving your health so you can enjoy the activities of daily living.

1 Toronto, ON | 1.10 miles | 1.77 km

Rebecca Franklin

Personal Training   Athletic Coaching   Coaching > Sports Conditioning   Nutrition Professional  

Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Fascial Stretch Therapist & BioPrint Practitioner

3 Toronto, ON | 3.39 miles | 5.45 km

Glenda Britton

Nutrition Professional  

I am passionate about helping individuals make strategic changes in how and what they eat to help enhance brain function.

2 Toronto, ON | 6.29 miles | 10.11 km

Lisa Collins, RHN

Nutrition Professional  

Working with individuals to produce customized programs for nutrition and lifestyle choices for better vitality.

2 Vaughan, ON | 12.62 miles | 20.29 km

Eiman Habib, NNCP, CHN, CSN

Nutrition Professional   Online Coaching   Lifestyle Consultation   Health Coaching   Health Practitioner Appointment  

Providing individualized health and wellness care without having you leave your home or office.

1 Toronto, ON | 13.82 miles | 22.22 km

Angela Shim

Energy Work   Aromatherapy   Nutrition Professional   Transformation Coaching  

Building collaborative communities inspiring individuals to achieve a life of wellness, purpose and abundance.

1 Markham, ON | 15.19 miles | 24.42 km

Wendy Bottrell

Coaching   Online Coaching   Lifestyle Coaching   Nutrition Professional  

Holistic Lifestyle Coach working with people, who are truly inspired to live holistically, get into shape, be health just don’t know where to begin!

1 Mississauga, ON | 15.60 miles | 25.09 km

Cathy Biase

Nutrition Professional  

My name is Cathy. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Cancer Coach and I want to show you the power that lies at the end of your fork.

2 Richmond Hill, ON | 17.67 miles | 28.41 km

Sohil Farahmand

Personal Training   Nutrition Professional   Fitness Supplements   Transformation Coaching  

I train individuals in fitness, nutrition, and life style habits so that they can covet the habits that will lead them to long term weight loss.

2 Mississauga, ON | 23.30 miles | 37.46 km

Melissa Ieraci

Nutrition Professional  

Melissa Ieraci is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Personal Trainer with a background in Paramedicine (A-EMCA).

0 Mississauga, ON | 25.82 miles | 41.51 km

Rose Turchio

Nutrition Professional   Health Chef   Health Coaching  

Memberships, coaching and classes for your Mind, Body and Spirit at

0 Oakville, ON | 29.34 miles | 47.17 km

Linda Murphy

Nutrition Professional  

There are 3 things to consider when creating optimal health. Your Mind, Body and Spirit. Let me help you in your journey. !!!

1 Grimsby, ON | 34.11 miles | 54.84 km

Judy Upton Schneider

Nutrition Professional   Wellness Practitioner Appointment  

Hi! I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Registered Nurse. I work mainly with middle age women and older to manage their unique challenges.

2 Oshawa, ON | 38.21 miles | 61.42 km

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