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Fitness Health Match is a community-based platform for all your fitness and health care needs. Create a profile on FHMatchs to access tons of Online Coach professionals in Canada, Canada. By joining your wellness community, you will be able to chat with and book exceptional Online Coach experts in Canada, Canada. Join leaders of the fitness and health community in your area, access informative articles, improve overall health and well-being - join your network of fit and healthy individuals today!

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Mirna Sharafeddine

Nutrition Professional   Online Coaching   Health Coaching   Wellness Coaching   Holistic Nutrition Meeting  

Break free from dieting, love your body and feel the glow within.

6 Toronto, ON | 0.73 miles | 1.18 km

Eiman Habib, NNCP, CHN, CSN

Nutrition Professional   Online Coaching   Lifestyle Consultation   Health Coaching   Health Practitioner Appointment  

Providing individualized health and wellness care without having you leave your home or office.

1 Toronto, ON | 13.82 miles | 22.22 km

Wendy Bottrell

Coaching   Online Coaching   Lifestyle Coaching   Nutrition Professional  

Holistic Lifestyle Coach working with people, who are truly inspired to live holistically, get into shape, be health just don’t know where to begin!

1 Mississauga, ON | 15.60 miles | 25.09 km

Gavin Skerritt

Personal Training   Coaching   Online Coaching   Strength Coaching   Weightlifting  

Personal Trainer/Nutrition Consultant: I help change people's lives for the better!

1 Markham, ON | 15.64 miles | 25.15 km

Amanda Judge

Personal Training   Online Coaching  

Fitness is a lifestyle and I have a passion for helping others reach their full potential and changing their lives.

3 Markham, ON | 16.80 miles | 27.01 km

Derek Fisher

Personal Training   Online Coaching  

Welcome. I'm a Canfitpro certified Personal Training Specialist. By utilizing interactive online resources, I will help you attain your fitness goals!

1 Mississauga, ON | 19.40 miles | 31.18 km

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