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Will Haywood

Personal Training   Transformation Coaching   Dance > Lyrical   Performance Nutrition Appointment  

Blacksmith Performance! Let's make change; physically, and mentally. Forge Yourself! Training for OWA championship qualifying totals! Three client slots available. Take advantage and book now!

4 Toronto, ON | 0.97 miles | 1.56 km

Alysha Coughler

Personal Training   Dietitian Meeting   Contest Prep Coaching  

A master-trained, registered dietitian, personal trainer & coach here to help you become your best self through a comprehensive approach to health.

3 Toronto, ON | 1.40 miles | 2.25 km

Rebecca Franklin

Personal Training   Athletic Coaching   Coaching > Sports Conditioning   Nutrition Professional  

Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Fascial Stretch Therapist & BioPrint Practitioner

3 Toronto, ON | 3.39 miles | 5.45 km

Heather Speer

Personal Training  

For the past 10 years I have been helping clients to learn about their bodies so they can look and feel great!

2 Toronto, ON | 4.31 miles | 6.94 km

Paula Asterio

Personal Training  

I’m Paula, I have been working in the fitness industry for 10 years. I'm passionate about what I do and believe that exercise brings amazing benefits!

4 Toronto, ON | 5.45 miles | 8.76 km

Jessica Dalliday

Athletic Therapy   Personal Training   Class > Pilates  

I am an Athletic Therapist working primarily with active individuals. I focus on correcting imbalances in the body through manual therapy and exercise

3 Toronto, ON | 5.55 miles | 8.92 km

Jonathan Joachim

Personal Training  

A professional and knowledgeable trainer with a foundational approach. From athletic to senior trainer. I have the RIGHT plan for you!

0 Toronto, ON | 6.28 miles | 10.09 km

Andre DeCairos

Massage Therapy   Personal Training  

I am a Registered Massage Therapist, Thai, Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang therapist and personal trainer with 12 yrs experience

2 Toronto, ON | 7.51 miles | 12.07 km

David Ariza

Personal Training   Transformation Coaching  

I am a Professional Fitness consultant who offers personal training as well as opportunities to participate in health and fitness retreats & tours.

2 Toronto, ON | 9.51 miles | 15.30 km

Karim Bennoui

Personal Training  

spartan warrior training offered by a prior universit athlete & strongman with an avid interest in the aesthetic and classic physiques of bodybuilding

4 Toronto, ON | 9.89 miles | 15.90 km

Avi English

Personal Training  

Personal Trainer. Love Weights

0 Vaughan, ON | 10.97 miles | 17.64 km


Physiotherapy Appointment   Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Massage Therapy   Acupuncture   Personal Training  

Physiomed Sherway offers the best in Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Custom Orthotics, Laser Therapy, Acupuncture and so much more.

1 Toronto, ON | 12.68 miles | 20.38 km


Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Physiotherapy Appointment   Acupuncture   Personal Training   Doctor Appointment > Naturopath  

Welcome to our clinic and let us assist you in all of your health goal needs.? Through our health concept, whether you suffer from aches or pains

1 Toronto, ON | 14.23 miles | 22.88 km


Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Acupuncture   Massage Therapy   Personal Training   Physiotherapy Appointment  


2 Mississauga, ON | 14.25 miles | 22.90 km


Physiotherapy Appointment   Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Acupressure   Personal Training   Massage Therapy  

We are an interdisciplinary,healthcare team with a strong reputation for providing effective, hands-on treatment for a wide array of conditions

1 Toronto, ON | 15.94 miles | 25.63 km

Amanda Judge

Personal Training   Online Coaching  

Fitness is a lifestyle and I have a passion for helping others reach their full potential and changing their lives.

3 Markham, ON | 16.80 miles | 27.01 km

Sara Fennell

Holistic Nutrition Meeting   Personal Training   Lifestyle Coaching   Fitness Coaching  

Self love advocate, digestion guru, hormone balancing. Meet my tribe #holisticfreedom Holistic Nutritionist + IFBB Pro + Lover of Life

4 Mississauga, ON | 18.81 miles | 30.24 km

Derek Fisher

Personal Training   Online Coaching  

Welcome. I'm a Canfitpro certified Personal Training Specialist. By utilizing interactive online resources, I will help you attain your fitness goals!

1 Mississauga, ON | 19.40 miles | 31.18 km


Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Massage Therapy   Acupuncture   Personal Training   Physiotherapy Appointment  


4 Brampton, ON | 23.47 miles | 37.73 km

Twist Burlington

Personal Training   Class   Athletic Coaching   Fitness Coaching  

Youth - Adults - Elite Athletes | Functional Fitness Facility

3 Burlington, ON | 35.38 miles | 56.87 km

PHYSIOMED Burlington

Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Acupuncture   Massage Therapy   Personal Training   Physiotherapy Appointment  

A team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapist and Active Care Specialists working together to ensure effective and full service rehabilitation for our pati

1 Burlington, ON | 36.91 miles | 59.34 km

X Fitness (24 Hour Access)

Personal Training   Athletic Coaching   Weightlifting  

No registration fee, no contract, no building fee, no hidden costs. $1/day, minimum 30 days or $250/yr. Three floors. 365-24-7. X Fitness never closes

2 Welland, ON | 46.64 miles | 74.98 km

Sam Mersereau

Personal Training   Class   Athletic Coaching   Fitness Coaching  

Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach | Sales, Service & Marketing Manager | Twist Sport Conditioning, Burlington

2 Hamilton, ON | 48.02 miles | 77.20 km


Doctor Appointment > Chiropractor   Personal Training   Acupuncture   Doctor Appointment > Physiatrist   Doctor Appointment > Physiatrist > Anxiety Disorder  

At Physiomed, we don’t believe that pain, injuries, and chronic conditions should keep you from enjoying life.

2 Barrie, ON | 51.97 miles | 83.55 km

Movati Athletic Guelph

Personal Training   Fitness Coaching   Massage Therapy   Class > Yoga   Class > Aerobics  

Feel Welcome, Feel Healthy, Feel Comfortable.

1 Guelph, ON | 58.83 miles | 94.57 km

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