Drew Laskoski CAT(C)


Athletic Therapist, Hockey, Specialized Kinesiology, TriggerPoint, Rebalancing

A Certified Athletic Therapist since 1995. Provides a unique method to therapy that has resulted in most "difficult" cases finally getting relief.

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  • Gender Male
  • Age 50
  • Languages see moreEnglish
  • Service Area York Region
  • Location Newmarket, Ontario
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About Drew

Using a unique combination of exercise, goal setting and advanced manual therapy techniques and humor allows Drew to specialize in those cases that have had little success with numerous other professionals. Manual skills include: muscle energy, Barnes' Myofascial release, Craniosacral therapy, aggressive trigger point release, Soft Tissue Release (precursor to ART), neural flossing, Stuart McGill lumbar/core strengthening and Mackenzie protocols. A special interest in Concussion treatment and management has expanded the reach of this very skilled professional. Our clinic has treated over 300 concussions since 2012.


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