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I teach couples who are secretly struggling and want more for their lives and partnership the proven tools to be power couples on purpose.

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About Chani Jacobson Coaching

Chani Jacobson is an internationally recognized relationship coach, helping couples go from potential breakup to lasting love. She helps them identify the root issues and teaches them the practical tools they need to become power couples!   She knows what it's like to feel hopeless about solving relationship problems. Her marriage suffered with too much fighting, little intimacy, and a near-constant need for repairing damage. It was a painful and exhausting emotional roller coaster.   When she discovered an incredible set of tools that fixed her relationship, she became inspired to help other couples get relationship success! Having worked with a range of clients, from busy entrepreneurs to holistic practitioners, and even a Harvard mathematician/physicist, her clients call her coaching “healing” and “life-changing.”  


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