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Holistic Nutritionist Meeting  

Your local Holistic Nutritional Consultant, ready to help you start on your wellness journey. Check out my calendar for available bookings.

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I grew up on a farm where we raised highland cattle and grew much of the food that graced our table. After graduating with honours from Loyalist College's Culinary Management Program, I spent the next several years working at some of Canada's finest restaurants (including Eigensinn Farm in Ontario, Le Club Chasse et Peche and Le Serpent in Québec).   In time, I could feel the daily wear and tear start to take it's effect. I would wake up still tired, my digestion wasn't working as well as it used to and I was suffering from barometric migraines. This led me on a path of discovery to The Edison Institute of Nutrition and I have never looked back. I sleep well, no longer worry about digestive issues and have been migraine free for years. I couldn't be happier! A member in good standing with the ANQ and CANNP.


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