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I help Entrepreneurs get out of daily overwhelm by owning their value, confidently hiring help, and attracting customers.

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About Liz Ellis Coaching

Hi! I’m Liz! As a long time Chief Operating Officer of a successful Start-Up, I help entrepreneurs bring out their best talents. I am a firm believer that those who live and use their Strengths are happier and more productive both at home and at work. One of my favorite activities is playing Human Tetris. I love meeting with people and discovering how their talents are being utilized on a daily basis and then reassigning projects or roles based on the best use of those talents. As a master of productivity, I know that everyones has a different way of being productive and successful. I believe in a holistic approach that supports both your career and personal goals. Each area of happiness in your life improves your ability to be more productive in another.


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