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Teaching busy professionals stress management to lower burnout, increase productivity and profitability.Wellness Speaker

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About Stress Management Coach

As a busy professional years ago, I have dealt with a huge stress to the point that my health deteriorated. Managing stress without medication became my priority. And now, after years of researching stress relief techniques, I found that there is a better and natural way to battle stress and I want to extend that lifestyle to you! I am a certified Stress Management Coach and Life Coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator. I am also the author of a book "Crush Stress While You Work": tips and tricks on how to stay energized, organized and happy in your work environment, available on Amazon. I also have been featured as a guest on the Ask Dr. Nandi Show, Real Talk with Ash Abori, Successful Living with Bill Knapik, Dream Achievers Podcast with Kamran Akbarzadeh, and The Mark Struczewski Podcast.


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