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I get to the root cause of your health issues and help you heal through ancient Ayurvedic medicine and modern Holistic Nutrition.

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About Manjiri Nadkarni, Ayurveda Physcian & Registe...

Manjiri Nadkarni is an award winning Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Registered Holistic Nutritionist trained in authentic Ayurveda from esteemed Ayurvedic Universities in India. She has been awarded the Charaka Award for excellence in Ayurvedic Teaching in 2016. She serves as the President of the non-profit Ayurveda Association of Canada. She specializes in Metabolic disorders, Weight Loss, Women's Health, Allergy Therapy as well as Chronic Digestive Issues and integrates Ayurveda with Holistic Nutrition in her practice. You can visit her in Sarnia, at Bluewater Nutrition Clinic for an in-person consultation or email her at to book your online consult.


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