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Stuck on the road to recovery/optimal health?Need to move forward in powerful, effective ways? Check out: https://bit.ly/healingbeyondlimits

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About Healing Beyond Limits

Since 2005, I'm best known for quick, efficient results that defy the conventional world, having overcome many conditions myself against the odds. The "Clients Speak" page on my website shows a small sampling of what's possible from a heart-centered, intentionally dynamic, anything's possible, energy-based perspective. I work synergistically with Healing Touch Advanced techniques, Chinese Elemental Clearing, & many other modalities to help: clients learn tools & heal conditions ranging from hemorrhoids, pain & stress, to cancer & trauma, holistically, physically, emotionally, & spiritually. Whether you need to tame the busy brain in a world of distraction, discover your own body's healing abilities, become unstuck, learn to muscle test efficiently, or de-stress quickly, come try integrative healing methods to transform your life.


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