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You know how when some men ask a girl out, they sweat, forget what to say & sometimes give up? I help them be confident, and get the girl!

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About Heart Centered Coaching

Hi my name is Theresa Cretella, and I go by Tree. I am an Educator, Dating Coach and Workshop Facilitator. I am very heart centered and connect easily with people of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. I've been supporting singles in the bay area since 2010 helping them overcome unhealthy relationship patterns in dating and have helped them manifest the love that they desire and deserve. During our sessions I bring in someone of the other gender to role play and the feedback is extremely valuable. I've led many successful Single’s Soirees, Getting Real Gatherings, Heart-Centered Speed Dating, Snuggle Parties and Confidence Building workshops for men in the bay area. In these workshops I create a safe place for the participants to share authentically and the end result is a magical event filled with connection, awareness and growth.


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