Vert Au Verre Conseil Inc.


I offer transition guidance and support for individuals who wish to adopt an energizing, wholesome, earth friendly and ethical diet.

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About Vert Au Verre Conseil Inc.

The eating lifestyle I promote is flexible and non restrictive, it aims at reducing the consumption of animal products, processed foods, and gluten, and adding more natural foods, raw and fermented, homemade juicing and blending. I did a lot of research before making the transition to eating a more plant based diet. In fact, I discovered many related disciplines including the human microbiome, the gluten-free movement and nutrigenomics. I have diplomas in Nutrition, Business Management, and Business Administration. In my blog, I offer guidance for optimal nutrition and health with plant-based recipe ideas for newbie’s and the most advanced health conscious consumers. I am very active on Instagram, green_to_glass, and will offer YouTube tutorials shortly.


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